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In the early 1990s, Jay Holland was a devout AA Big Book thumper. His early recovery and spiritual maturity was based almost exclusively on the experience of the early AA pioneers for whom a spiritual remedy had succeeded. While it is clear that AA group dynamics and spiritual fundamentals worked, over time, it became just as clear that a deeper spiritual substance was necessary for continued maturation. It might have been divine restlessness, a sacred calling or just plain ol' curiosity, but the BP founder set out to encounter more specific directions and a more specific direction. Searching high and low, there was no applicable spiritual format for basic spiritual progress; he began the long arduous process of mapping a spiritual journey for seekers: Basic Progress.

At the age of 35, the Basic Progress founder, author and executive officer enrolled in school for the explicit purpose of learning about the Great Reality. While his studies focused on spiritual applications for pathways of faith, Dr. Jay donated service time to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) as speaker and lecturer regarding the twelve steps and the AA Big Book. Over the next ten years, Basic Progress organically emerged and blossomed out of questions by TDCJ offenders, BP class notes and reflections as well as scholastic study. While Basic Progress is unique in form and process, these spiritual principles are time tested and the pathway to a fulfilling life of divine encounter is well traveled. We are indebted to the thousands of men and women who have gone before us seeking God and leaving a trail of documented insights, storied experiences and a deep desire to pass it on.